Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Beauty Favourite: Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara:
I'm now on my second tube of this and still loving every application! Claiming to have 'Intense Volume, Perfect Curl and Extreme Length' might be a slight exaggeration; however, for day-to-day use this mascara is perfect. I really like using this when I'm having those days when eyeliner is just a no - it has the volume to deem eyeliner unnecessary. Which is always a win from me. I've been preferring my make-up to be much more subtle recently, and this product really separates the lashes and works well with this look!
My one downside to this mascara is that it can become quite flaky when your playing around your eyes-but this is easily removed.

Clarin recently released 'Be Long Mascara'; specifically for lengthening lashes. I originally went to the Clarins counter to check this out, but I'm a creature of habit so I didn't want to go without the 'Wonder Perfect'. The new release has some brilliant reviews though, so maybe I'll be brave and try out a new mascara next time!

Let me know what you think of this product :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Best Of: Faux-Fur Collars

 From Top-Left to Bottom Right:
1. £60.00, River Island, Cream Mongolian Fur Collar
2. £5.99, Ebay, Black Fur Collar
3. £25.00, River Island, Brown Mixed Faux Fur Collar
4. £60.00, River Island, Beige Colour Block Faux Fur Scarf
5. £18.00, River Island, Light Grey Faux Fur Scarf
6. £25.00, River Island, Black Dip-Dye Faux Fur Collar
7. £25.00, Topshop, Black Fur Collar
8. Reduced From £55 to £30, River Island, Cream Metallic Faux Fur Cardigan SALE

First of all, this post contains a LOT of River Island, but I'm a massive RI fan sooooo...yeah! There are so many nice coats around at the moment with faux-fur collars (see missguided if your looking for one!), but if your not looking for a new winter coat, fur collars are a must have to spruce-up last years..

1. Firstly, is this amazinggg Mongolian fur collar from River Island; but much like the Mongolian fur ombre tote bag this is way out of my price range at £60. *crys*

2. I found this beauty on Ebay for just £5.99, an absolute bargain in comparison to others and comes in all the colours you could ever want! This is more than likely going to be the one I purchase.
Have a look for yourself here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elegant-Womens-Ladies-Luxury-Scarves-Trendy-Faux-fake-fur-shrug-Cool-Wrap-collar-/110962712287?pt=UK_Scarves&var=&hash=item19d5e49edf

3. and 4. Another two from River Island at £25 and £60! Personally I much prefer the Black or Cream collars so these two are not ones I would buy. However 4. is a lovely shape and unique design incorporating oxblood hints on the tip, so I'll be very jealous of anybody I see wearing this!

5. A cheaper version here at £18 from RI. I actually own this, so thought I'd pop it on this post; because although not a collar, this is super super cosy scarf and I wear it to absolute death! It also comes in black and cream, so as you can imagine choosing just one colour took me forever and a day!

6. A dip-dye version here from RI again. This is a little different; I really like this I just wish it was a little longer!

7. Topshop have a reasonably priced version at £25 and I reallllly like this; it's the perfect length! I advise you don't try this on if your not serious about getting one, it's very hard to resist

8. Lastlyyy, this is actually a collar (as you obviously can tell) but I think it's the most amazing cardigan ever! I liked it a lot at £55, so now it's reduced to £30 I'm just lost for words! It also comes in black and pink, but I think this cream metallic is the prettiest and it looks very very cosy. Hopefully I can manage £30 to buy this while it's on sale!

ZARA do my the most amazing fur collar I've seen yet at around £30 I think, and if I don't purchase the ebay version this is the one I'll buy. It is quite literally amazing. For some reason I couldn't find a picture of it online to show you but I advise you to go in store and see for yourself :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully this helps you out if your stuck on choice for the faux-fur trendd :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

MUA Buys: New-In

Late last week I found myself browsing the new-in section of MUA's website. I think the main reason I enjoy doing this is because I don't even have to feel guilty about it afterwards! I made a few purchases including the; Matte 'Peachy Keen' lipstick, Ultimate all-in-one 'Pro-Brow' kit and 'Ever After' Matte eyeshadow palette and It came to a total of around £8.50 :)


This isn't my first MUA eyeshadow palette and it certainly won't be my last! I'm a big fan of neutral eyshadows, so naturally I've worn my 'Undressed' and 'Heaven and Earth' MUA palettes to death on a daily basis! The first thing I liked about this newer palette was the price, £4, and then the fact that, unlike the other palettes, each shade had it's own name. So cute and indearing!

Shades Top-Left to Right; Unwrap, Butter, Bare, Taffeta and Fade.
Shades Bottom-Left to Right; Penny, Chino, Truffle, Fog, Smoke.

Shades such as Butter, Bare and Fade are brilliant base colours. Chino is a shade I'd use as a natural shading colour in the crease of the eyelid for a day-to-day look. With Penny as a shading colour for a darker, nighttime look! I think the amount of very light, neutral shades on the top row makes this palette super appealing to me, and it's a great addition to use alongside the other MUA palettes I own; as they contain many more brown shades that this palette doesn't.

Peachy Keen.

MUA lipsticks are brilliant for trying out new shades; at £1.00 if it isn't for you you've lost nothing! I much prefer matte lipsticks so I thought I'd try this one out. Trying it on this morning I feel it might be a bit more of a summer shade for my personal taste, but it's a lovely shade for day-to-day casual wear no matter the season. When applying this lipstick I also used Maybelline pencil lip liner in 140 'Intense Pink', just to neaten the application. As a VERY pale skinned girl I think this lipstick would be suitable for a range of skin-tones; if i can get away with it anyone can! :) The only downside is if you suffer from the winter chapped-lips horror most girls go through; this lipstick might not be so kind to you in covering it up! Maybe another reason I'll save it for the warmer months :)

Pro-Brow All-In-One Ultimate Brow Kit.

Finally, I popped the new in eyebrow 'all-in-one' kit into my shopping cart; SO glad I did! I normally use Rimmel brow pencil in 002 'Hazel', so this was quite a change for me. The kit includes a tiny tiny tweezers (very useful if you spot a stray hair while on the go), 2 shades to chose from, a final lighter shade to use as a highlighter under the brow and a gel for slick precisioned shape! This kit is very handy to carry around with you as it has everything you need for perfect brows (including a compact mirror)! I found I used the darkest shade, but the lighter shade would be brilliant for beginners or if you prefer a more natural look! I'll still be using my Rimmel pencil alongside this kit but it was a lovely change and very very handy kit, andddd at £3.50 it's an absolute bargainnn!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013



Nail Art Tools.

I've owned these Topshop Nail Art brushes for agessss now but never got round to properly testing them out due to pure laziness, and the fact I thought nail art was realllly hard and you needed a super steady hand. I was wrong! These 6 brushes make nail art sooooo easy, literally anybody can do it. My favourite of this kit by far is the double sided dotting tool, and this is a great tool for beginners like myself to start experimenting with nail art. With a larger and smaller dotting tool you can create polka-dots, flowers, etc with ease! The remaining five brushes allow designs such as stripes to be created; with the angular brush brilliant for tricky areas. This is a brilliant kit for experimenting with nail art-especially for those who don't take it too seriously! At £10 the kit is definitely worth buying, the dotting brush alone is £6 so you really may as well get the whole thing!
I really like the neon-pink design of these; however when washing the brushes with nail varnish remover I seem to have a LOT of this pink removed to. However, this is the only negative I can find with these brushes so it's really no biggie in my eyes.

Nail Art Decal Wheel.


These are relatively new to the Topshop nail kingdom! I really like the idea of these and at £4 each they are an absolute STEAL, I really can't wait to try them out. I think it's a really cute idea, provided a mix of gems with playful designs such as watermelons (my fave) or frogs. There are 3 different wheels to choose from, however I've only shown you 2 as i find the third a bit 'boring': it involves way move studs and gems but I feel the appeal of this set is in the quirkier designs! They just stick on the nail in whatever pattern or position you choose; as I haven't yet bought these yet I'm not sure of the sticking quality or reusableness (definitely a word!). I will have to let you know the results in a later blog post, OR if you've tried them out let me know your thoughts? :)

Head over to Topshop to see all the above items and the third decal wheel. They also have a brilliant new instagram video showing the cute designs if you follow them :)

Friday, 13 September 2013


While reading one of my favourite beauty blogs today, BritishBeautyBlogger, I discovered the amazing brand 'Indeed' are releasing a new product; Retinol Reface. 'Retinol Reface' is a resurfacer serum, using 3 forms of retinol for anti-ageing benefits for smoother looking skin. At 20 years of age I'm hoping I'm a little young to be excited to purchase this item, but nevertheless I'm confident it will be a product that lives up to it's promises for all users!

Although the new item has no need to be on my wishlist, the blog post did give me inspiration for this post! Today I'll be discussing another Indeed product I LOVE; Fade to Bright! I apply this product morning and evening before applying a normal daily moisturiser; and the results I've seen already are amazing! I have LOTS of freckles, with this product refers to as 'hyperpigmentation', so this product was perfect for me.

This product has 7 ingredients, that act on 7 biological features!
Contributing to:
  • Evening skin tone
  • Reducing and lightening hyperpigmentation
  • Preventing and diminishing dark spots
  • Restoring luminosity and skin radiance
  • Preventing photoaging
  • Stimulating cell turnover
  • Maintaining skin hydration
I can confirm it lives up to it's promises seen above, and I have seen a great result. I find I need much less foundation/concealer coverage after using this product; and my freckles are definitely less 'in your face'. I still love my freckles and could not imagine my face without them, so this product definitely does not get rid completely-it just lightens them.

Another thing I like about this product is the packaging; although way to large for the 30ml tube you receive, it is very descriptive and informative. Also providing information of the other products in the range (all represented by different colours, love that!), which is brilliant advertising!

This is quite a pricey product for me at £24.99, but I did buy it when it was slightly cheaper at £19.99 (i think), and either way I will be re-purchasing as it is 100% worth the money! The 30ml tube goes wayyy further than you'd expect and you don't require a lot of this product to cover your face at all!

The Moisture Booster:Hydraluron, is another amazing product from the Indeed range and has raving reviews!It feels instantly amazing on the skin and this is another product I would highly, highly recommend.

Check out British Beauty Blog post here for the Retinol Reface info and more brilliant reviews - BBB

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cut Out Boots: Chunky or Lightweight


River Island or Primark?

Cut-out boots have been the latest must-have for a few months now, but it's taken me a while to jump on the trend due to complete indecisiveness. So on my most recent shopping trip, I decided to purchase two pairs! The first purchase I made were the amazing River Island boots everyone knows about and loves! However, I was undecided; they felt a lot heavier than any other boot I've worn. Pair that with my fathers unhelpful comments suggesting I should die my hair pink and start a rock band, and I just didn't know if I'd actually ever wear them with confidence! I bought them anyway (always the right thing to do) and headed to Primark where I found my next pair. These are a LOT lighter and less 'grunge', so for £12 it was well worth buying them just incase the River Island pair didn't turn out very 'me'.

Here's the amazing River Island pair; and despite previous doubts, these really are amazing! They work amazingly with jeans, tights or bare legs- and I know they are going to see me through autumn as my staple piece! At £45 they are really good value too, in comparison to Topshop pairs ranging from £70-£90!! I've worn these almost everyday since purchasing; and even worse them for a night out during freshers with a leather-look skater skirt (also RI). When heels just aren't appropriate these do the job perfectly, I definatley recommend if your unsure like I was!

Now for the Primark pair- also a purchase I'm glad I made. These are much lighter and less 'in your face' for a more minimal look. I think these look better with tights and a girly dress. For £12 there's really nothing to loose! I'd suggest these if your unsure if the cut-out boot look is for you :)

Check out a full 360 degree view of the River Island boots here:

River Island Cut-Out Boots

Hope you enjoyed this post! :)